What Makes Nutrisystem’s Cinnamon Roll My Favorite Breakfast Treat

While I have various delicious food options in my Nutrisystem weight loss meal program, I have come to fall in love with some particular options one of them being the hearty Cinnamon Rolls. This breakfast delicacy smells and tastes so good I sometimes use it for breakfast and lunch too. In the next 500 words, I am going to explain the things that make this morning treat stand out for me.

The cinnamon roll is basically a swirled cinnamon pastry that has been topped with a cream cheese frosting. It is not only rich in fiber, but it also provides me sufficient amounts of protein to start my day off on a good note.

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What makes Nutrisystem Cinnamon Rolls stand out?

The Ingredients

One of the things that makes this food item my favorite breakfast treat is its choice of ingredients. It has whole wheat flour, chicory root, fig paste, enriched bleached flour, and soybean oil, and palm oil. I like the inclusion of soybean and palm oil because of their benefits in weight loss. The whole wheat flour provides the right amounts of good carbs while the chicory root adds a natural flavor.

There is also the cream cheese which is made using cheese culture, pasteurized cream and milk, carob bean gum, and salt, all of which add to the food’s nutritional value. The yeast and cinnamon also give the food a flavor (which I find very pleasant) besides also providing some weight loss benefits.

Other ingredients include eggs, baking powder, dough conditioner which contains corn flour and whey, stabilizers like locust bean gum, and agar, brown sugar, and corn syrup. Nutrisystem has combined a wide range of ingredients with various nutrients and weight loss benefits into the Cinnamon Rolls, making the morning delicacy stand out from other morning treats.

Nutrition facts and value

Each serving has up to 20 percent (5g) of dietary fiber which helps to move things smoothly in my digestive tract. The soluble fiber also helps to balance my blood and cholesterol levels. With 29g of carbohydrates and 10g of sugars, the Cinnamon Rolls are all I need for a morning energy boost.

With 0g of trans fat, just 5g of cholesterol, and only 1.5g of saturated fat, this breakfast meal doesn’t pose any risks to my heart health. The 7g of protein is just enough to aid in my morning digestion and repair my body tissues after my morning workouts.

Each serving also comes with essential minerals like calcium which is at 4 percent, iron which is at 6 percent and 180mg of sodium. However, I must mention that there are no sufficient amounts of vitamins, which is perhaps one of the biggest downsides of this product as I prefer having some touch of vitamins in every meal.


  • Perfectly tasty with hot coffee or tea
  • Great natural flavors
  • The meal has a decent amount of cream cheese frosting


  • At times I have to let the rolls to defrost

With only 180 calories, the Nutrisystem Cinnamon Rolls are my best low-calorie breakfast option. They offer a full feeling which is great for my weight loss.This diet-friendly breakfast meal will always be on my weight loss meal plan. I will keep reordering them over and over.

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