Two reasons I like Nutrisystem’s Cinnamon Bun Bar

Well, I like my foods. And now that I am on Nutrisystem’s meal plan, I notice I love them more every day. But there is this particular food I like the most, Nutrisystem Cinnamon Bun Bar. I am going to give you two reasons why I like it. So read on, perhaps you will end loving it too.


Nutrisystem’s Cinnamon Bun Bar is a combination of rice, oats, and cinnamon flavor. Like the Chocolate Peanut Butter bar, this soft and chewy breakfast bar is generously iced with a delicious, buttery frosting that complements the cinnamon perfectly. This indulgent bar tastes great on its own, but I love taking it with coffee or tea. The cinnamon flavor is so pleasant I often snack on this bar throughout the day. I also noticed it tastes really nice with milk.

Why I like it so much

1. Its carefully chosen ingredients

I must say Nutrisystem did a great job combining various nutritious ingredients to come up with this tasty breakfast bar. The bar contains rolled oats and organic brown rice syrup as the primary source of carbs. There is a big white chocolate-flavored coating made with nonfat milk, whey, soy, sugar, and palm kernel oil. The bar also contains soy chunks, maltitol syrup, corn syrup, glycerin, high-oleic sunflower oil, inulin, natural flavor, and of course, cinnamon.

I like the way the ingredients have been balanced to give the right amounts of various nutrients. Particularly, I like the use of soy, whey, and nonfat milk as they provide enough protein while limiting the amount of saturated fat. I also think that the use of sunflower oil and palm kernel oil is a great thing as they have many health benefits besides their nutritional value.

Unlike many other breakfast snacks that come with added colors, flavors, and preservatives, Nutrisystem Cinnamon Bun Bar doesn’t have any of this. It only has a natural cinnamon flavor to which I am always attracted.

2. Its nutrition facts and value (it is heart-friendly, and I use it to manage my weight)

Given that I take at most 2000 calories a day, the 150 calories in this breakfast bar allow me to enjoy my other delicacies during the day. Besides, they are enough to give me a morning energy boost while at work. The 26g of carbohydrates also contribute a lot to my energy boost so I can get things done.

I like light snacks with less than 5g of saturated fat, and this food item gives me just that, with its total fat content being 3.5g. Saturated fat is at 2g. There is no trans fat neither is there any cholesterol, meaning it doesn’t pose health risks to my heart.

With 3g of dietary fiber, I know my digestive processes will run smoothly, and my blood glucose will be maintained at the right levels. The 7g of protein also boosts my digestion and absorption while repairing my tissues and muscles because I work out a lot. 7g of sugar also boost my morning energy levels.

There is 85mg of sodium in each serving which is just enough to keep my nerves, cells, and muscles in good shape. However, I must point out there aren’t much vitamins in this breakfast product, something that I think Nutrisystem should reconsider.


  • Like the Biscotti Bytes, it has natural flavor, no additives, and preservatives
  • Tastes great
  • A good on the go snack


  • It is too sweet
  • It is not very satisfying

I can recommend Nutrisystem Cinnamon Bun Bar to anyone at any time. While it is no very satisfying, it is an excellent snack to bite on given its low calories. I use it not only as a healthier option but also to help me manage my weight.